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Frequently Asked Questions

Always remember that you can reach us at support@hibooks.com if your question is more specific, or you’d just like to chat!

Our subscription gets you access to our entire library. That’s over 50,000 books (and counting)! We bill monthly, and as long as you are an active subscriber, you will be able to listen to as many books as you like. We don’t use book credits, and we like to give our users as much freedom as possible to browse and listen. Our membership also comes with access to amazing curated collections created by our expert team, and we have friendly customer care that is always ready to help you!
Currently, we don’t have a family plan available. This is on our project map, but will take some time to roll out. In the meantime, we recommend a family night together, crowded around the speaker in unison. Order a pizza, snuggle up on the couch, and enjoy!
You don’t need to cancel! We never like to say goodbye. If it’s related to an issue that we can help you with, please reach out to our super friendly support team. But maybe it’s just goodbye for now. In that case, you can cancel on your iTunes subscription page or Play Store subscriptions page. You’ll be able to find the hibooks subscription here, also, when you decide life just isn’t the same without us and you’d like to come back.
It’s pretty easy! When you sign up on the app, it will prompt you to start a trial. Our trial period is three days. This may seem short, but there are some reasons for this. Our subscription is to our entire library and not just one book per month (woohoo!). Three days actually proves to be a sufficient time for our users to browse our catalogue, listen to as many samples as they want, and decide whether or not it is a good fit. It also provides ample time for most users to get the feel of the app, and the high quality of stream. Our trial period is not intended for users to have the opportunity to listen to complete books. Rather, we want to make sure users subscribe with confidence that we provide the best audio experience out there. Remember: your trial will automatically start a paid subscription when the 3 days is complete. If we haven’t wooed you, you can cancel at any time on your device. But we hope you stay! Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any concerns or issues. We are always happy to help!
Sometimes typos make our search a little confused 🙁 First, ensure that you have searched the exact title or author. If you still can’t find the book, there may be a chance it’s not yet in our catalog. We are happy to help you search for a title if you contact our support team. You can also look in the wonderful collections we put together so that you can enjoy a book related to what you were looking for!
If you go to the book title by tapping on the book cover, you'll see a check mark. If you uncheck this by hitting it again, it should remove itself from your library! This is the same way that you add the book to your library if you tap it again, by the way. If you want to remove downloaded content, you'll have to hit the download button again, and then it will prompt you as to whether or not you want to erase it 🙂 Finally, your continue listening is not something that you can clear, but when you listen to new books, the old ones will slowly be pushed back and then off the list completely.
We know that data can get pretty expensive! For our iOS users, offline listening is possible, and super useful. Just download the book (you can find the download button on the book info page) and enjoy listening without the stress of being in Wifi all of the time. We are currently working on this capability for our Android users. We want all users to be able to experience offline convenience, so we’re in the process of cooking up this awesome feature for you!
For now, please reach out to our customer support team with any book requests! We can’t make any promises, but we always do our best to meet as many requests as possible. We can also help you find a similar book to listen to while you’re waiting!