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Frequently Asked Questions

Always remember that you can reach us at if your question is more specific, or you’d just like to chat!

You can purchase bundles on our website! All you have to do is log in to your hibooks account and click the “Buy Coins” button next to the Profile tab in the upper right-hand corner.

From here, you will be able to purchase bundles of coins that can then be applied to unlock books. If you buy our bundle of 11,500 coins ($100 USD), for example, you will be able to purchase multiple books using the coins that you purchased as a unit of 11,500. These coins will be stored in your Wallet to use whenever you want.

You can check the balance of your Wallet on the Profile page of your app, or in the Profile page of the hibooks website.

Note: This feature is only available on iOS devices.
If you’re in the app, you can get the coins necessary to unlock books individually. When you go to unlock a book, the app will always consider the current balance you have in your wallet, and display the minimum amount of coins required to unlock that audiobook. Keep in mind that you can only purchase coins in bundles of 200, meaning that the amount of coins you purchase will always round up to the nearest 200-coin value.

Once you decide which book you would like to listen to next, there are three possible scenarios.

1. You have enough coins to unlock a book.

If you have enough coins for the book, the book will automatically unlock.

In the picture above, for example, the member had 1,000 coins and used 900 of their existing coins to unlock “Bird Box”.

2. You have no coins in your wallet.

If you don’t have sufficient funds for that particular book, you can acquire coins directly through the book’s info page. Take a look at the image below!

This user had 0 coins, so they had to purchase coins in order to unlock “Bird Box”. Since we only offer coins in bundles of 200 in the app, all you have to do is click the plus or minus button until you have enough coins to unlock the book. In this example, the user bought 1,000 coins, used 900 coins to unlock “Bird Box,” and still had 100 coins left over to apply to their next book. Cool, right?

3. You have some coins, but not enough to purchase the book you want.

If you already have a balance in your account, but not enough for the specific book you would like to unlock, you can add bundles to your account super easily!

Go to the book page of the title you want to unlock, and click the “Unlock Audiobook” button.

This user has 400 coins, and wants a book that costs 900 coins. Because the user doesn't have enough coins in their wallet to unlock this book, they must purchase more.

Coins are only sold in bundles of 200. If this user purchases 600 coins, they will be able to unlock the book. They will also have 100 coins left over, that they can use later for future purchases.

Once the title is unlocked, it will automatically be added to your library. You can also download it for offline listening!

Note: This feature is only available on iOS devices.
Coin bundles are packages of hibooks coins that allow you to unlock books. Coins are our form of currency, and you can only get them as part of a package.

You can either add bundles of coins in the app when you purchase a book, or, if you want even bigger bundles and better deals, on the website.

Note: This plan is currently available in iOS only.
Hibooks coins allow you to make the most of your listening experience! We have created a currency for you that will greatly improve your access to some awesome titles. You can use these coins to unlock books in the hibooks app, as well as on the new web interface!

Note: This feature is only available on iOS devices.
We now offer a standard yearly plan. Woohoo! Your membership gets you access to two amazing catalogs. One catalog consists of 5,000 titles that span many different genres, time periods, and authors. These titles represent a blend of bestsellers and timeless classics. What’s more, you can listen to this catalog as much as you want! We are always focused on improving and expanding this catalog for our loyal members, so you can expect a fresh, vibrant library at all times.

The second catalog consists of 100,000+ titles, which are available to unlock by purchasing our very own hibooks coins. All of our offers are exclusive deals for our hibooks members. You will also get 500 coins when you sign up, so you can hit the ground running with your next favorite audiobook.

We now have a Wallet feature that allows you to store coins that you can purchase in the app or on our website. You can check your balance at any time by visiting your Profile page on the app or on the web, as well as purchase more coins whenever you want.

Our membership also comes with access to amazing curated collections created by our expert team, upcoming binge-worthy content in fiction and nonfiction genres, features that make hibooks an even better fit into your lifestyle, and constant support every step of the way from our friendly Customer Experience team!

Note: This plan is currently available in iOS only. Customer Experience, however, is for everyone!
Glad you asked! You automatically get 500 coins when you sign up for an annual membership. This means that you can start unlocking books immediately! You can use these coins for any title that requires coins to listen to.
We never like to say goodbye, but we understand that hibooks may not be right for everyone. If it’s related to an issue that we can help you with, please reach out to our super-friendly support team. We cannot cancel for you, but we sure can help with other issues!

Maybe it is just goodbye for now. In that case, you will need to cancel on the platform where you signed up. This means you will cancel in one of three places:

1. Your iTunes subscription page,
2. Your Play Store subscriptions page, or
3. On our website.

In case you're not sure how to do this, here is a step-by-step approach to each situation:

For iOS:

1. Go to the "Settings" App on your phone
2. Click on iTunes & App Store
3. Click on your Apple ID and it will give you a pop-up with a few options, choose "view Apple ID"
4. Scroll down and click on "Subscriptions"
5. Here you can manage all your Subscriptions, click on hibooks and choose to cancel your subscription

For Android:

1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store.
2. Tap Menu, and then Subscriptions.
3. Tap the subscription you want to cancel.
4. Tap Cancel subscription.
5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

For the web:

1. Go to the Membership page via the Profile tab.
2. Click “Cancel Membership”.
3. You will be asked why you are cancelling. Please fill this out! We want to know why we were no longer the right fit for you.
4. Click “Cancel Membership” to confirm your cancellation and submit your survey response.
5. You can check your membership status afterward by going to your Membership page.

You will still be able to access your unlocked books through your hibooks app. We hope to see you again in the future!
There are many ways to find your next favorite title. Check out the Discover tab for some awesome Collections, Recommendations, and our Book of the Day. Some books’ info pages also display suggested listening if you scroll to the bottom of the page. If you’re not ready to unlock it now, you can always add it to your Wish List for later.

If you are still having trouble, please reach out to for a hand-selected list of titles, based on your specific interests and tastes.
So glad you asked! The Wish List allows you to store titles in your library that you are not yet ready to unlock. All you have to do is go to the info page of the book you would like to save for later and press the “Wish List” button. You can also add a title to your Wish List from the Search and Discover pages by pressing the heart-shaped button on the thumbnail of the book you’re interested in saving for later.

Here’s what that thumbnail looks like!

You can sort your Wish List by Author, Date Added, or by Title.

When you are ready to unlock the next book from your Wish List, the titles will be waiting there for you.

For unlimited titles, there is no need to add these to your Wish List; you can add them immediately to your “Listen Now” section. Just press the check mark on the title’s info page. 🙂

If you have not yet signed up for a membership, you are free to save all of the titles you’re interested in listening to on your Wish List. This works for unlimited and coin books only when you’re not a member. These titles will be waiting for you when you become a member!
It’s pretty easy! When you sign up on the web (, it will prompt you to start a trial. You don’t need to start a trial in order to browse our catalog, listen to as many samples as you want, add titles to your Wish List, and get the general feel of the app.

When you do decide to start the trial period, it will last three days. This may seem short, but there are some reasons for this. Our membership is to our entire unlimited library and provides access to our coin catalog and its special deals, not just one book per month (woohoo!). It also provides ample time for most users to get to know the app and the high quality of the stream a bit better. Although you are able to listen to full books from the unlimited catalog and unlock audiobooks from the coin catalog during the trial period, our hope during this time frame is to make sure users become members with complete confidence that we provide the best audio experience out there.

If we haven’t wooed you, you can cancel at any time on your device. But we hope you stay! Your trial will automatically start a paid membership when the three-day period is complete. You will have to manually cancel if you don’t want to be charged for the year. Deleting the app does not cancel future payments. If you’d like to learn how to cancel, you can scroll to our cancellation FAQ.

Note that the books you listened to will be automatically refunded as coins when you cancel. You will not have access to the books you unlocked when you cancel your trial. The unlimited titles will also not be accessible once you cancel your account.

Please feel free to reach out to our Support team at if you have any concerns or issues. We are always happy to help!
Sometimes typos make our search a little confused. 🙁 First, ensure that you have searched the exact title or author. If you still can’t find the book, there may be a chance it’s not yet in our catalog. We are happy to help you search for a title if you contact our support team ( You can also look in the Discover tab at the wonderful collections we put together so that you can enjoy a book related to what you were looking for!
We want you to be able to use your app! You may not be able to log in because you are logged into the wrong account. Our app currently recognizes a Facebook account as separate from an email-and-password account, so sometimes, the app can get a bit confused when you log in with an account that isn’t connected to your payments. Try logging out, then logging in again with your email address. If your payment is connected to your Facebook account, please try to log in using the “Connect with Facebook” button.

Still having problems? Feel free to reach out to us at!
If you go to the book title by tapping on the book cover, you'll see a Library button with a check mark beneath the Listen Now button. If you uncheck this button by hitting it again, it should remove itself from your library! This is the same way that you add the book back to your Listen Now section if you tap it again, by the way.

You can also remove a book by using the "Edit" function in the top right corner. You can delete as many books as you like by pressing the trash button on each of them individually, then clicking “Done” in the upper right-hand corner to save your work. In this way, you can edit your Wishlist, Listen Now, and Downloads sections. Talk about Spring cleaning!

If you want to remove downloaded content individually, you can navigate to the title that you’d like to delete within the Downloads section. Hit the Download button on that book’s info page, and it will prompt you as to whether or not you want to erase it.
Dissatisfied with the way you used your coins? We want you to love any purchase you make on hibooks!

Get in touch with us at so that we can discuss the next steps. We look forward to getting you back on track to your next listening milestone.
We know that data can get pretty expensive! For our iOS users, offline listening is possible, and super useful. Just download the book (you can find the download button on the book's info page) and enjoy listening without the stress of being in WiFi all of the time. You can sort your downloads by Recently Added, by Author, or by Title.

We are currently working on this capability for our Android app. We want all of our members to be able to experience offline convenience, so we’re in the process of perfecting this awesome feature for you!
You can, indeed! Just make sure that you are logged into the same account on both devices. The best way to ensure this is to go to Profile > Settings on your first device where it works, and then take note of the email address or Facebook account that your hibooks account is attached to. Then, log in with the correct email or connect with Facebook on the second device.
Our Discover page is magical! Here, you can browse collections and also find the Categories page, where we have a bunch of genres ready for your perusal.
At this time, we only have books in English. We may look to explore more languages in the future, but we hope you’ll be able to use our app in the meantime and enjoy some great English books!
There are a few ways that you can navigate chapters in the app! One is to enlarge the player by tapping on it and swipe the book cover back and forth to go forward or backward in the book.

Otherwise, you can select the chapter you’d like to listen to by going to the chapter lists. If you’re playing the book you can find this list by swiping up in the enlarged player to reveal an area where you can see all chapters. The second way to find the chapter list is by going to the book info page by tapping on the cover in your library.

If you’d like to start the book over, pick the first chapter and be on your way!

Updated: March 1, 2019