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Otto is becoming hibooks

From day one, our goal was to give you the best audio experience out there. We dedicated ourselves to helping you discover amazing content to empower you, escape to other worlds, or just brighten your day. We believe in the power of stories.

Then it was time for us to listen to you, and we heard you – loud and clear. You wanted the best stories out there, and you wanted audiobooks.

So for our next chapter, we’re putting audiobooks front and center, which is why Otto is now becoming hibooks.

That means a beautiful new design, spectacular collections curated by expert editors, and an upgraded player with more bells and whistles like amped up control on your playback speed and so much more. We want to do all we can to give you the most rad audiobook experience out there.

You may be asking, ‘what’s up with podcasts?’ We still love ’em! And we’ll still be adding a few handpicked podcasts in our collections. But the thing is, in order to make this audiobook experience great for you, we gotta focus. If you still need to get your podcast fix, though, we highly recommend the Himalaya app on both iOS and Android.

But enough of us rambling on. Instead, feast your eyes on this handy infographic (p.s. we might have exaggerated slightly):

Steve Partridge

Steve is from the UK and has lived in London, Bulgaria, and Berlin. He studied Christian theology at King’s College London and spent several years working in publishing. His articles, books reviews, interviews and essays have been published in a range of digital and print magazines. In 2012, he was shortlisted for the Brighton Fringe Festival Writers Prize. His obsession with books and writing led him to start his own ‘BookTube’ channel on YouTube (to which you should probably subscribe). You can find him talking nonsense on Twitter @StPartridge.

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