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Why Audiobooks Are Worth the Binge

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Why Audiobooks Are Worth the Binge


There’s a reason people often say, ‘the book was so much better.’

We all love a good story, and what makes audiobooks such a joy is how they celebrate the art of it. With our smartphones making things so much easier, most of us are choosing to listen to our books and with good reason. The audiobook experience just keeps getting better every day.

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Listening to someone tell you a story is an incredibly intimate experience, so it’s no surprise that many of us are more interested in listening to audiobooks than ever before. Productions are so sophisticated today, with professional narrators and sound effects to help you escape to other worlds or unique, personal stories from hilarious celebrities that will delight and entertain you. In short, audiobooks offer so many awesome ways to escape, learn, or discover whatever you want. And once you’re engrossed in a story, you just can’t stop.

Audiobooks make life easy with their portability, too. Not only can you minimize and declutter with one less book to tote around, but you’re also privy to a hands-free experience while completing any number of tasks. Busy parents who normally can’t sit down with a physical book can listen while picking up laundry, commuters can soak in a chapter on their drive to work, and morning joggers can listen while clocking some miles. Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have enough minutes in the day to do all we want and multitasking is now a huge factor in how we operate.

Audio stories go beyond being just multitasking tools, though. A great audiobook will have you moved, entertained, and wanting more. Get hooked in and it’s just as binge-worthy as any TV series – without having you glued to a screen.

Let’s call it easy listening. Audiobooks are the future of storytelling, and hibooks is the perfect complement to make your audiobook experience even easier.

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Kim Do

Kim was born and raised in Oklahoma City, and studied anthropology at the University of Oklahoma. Once she got tired of dodging twisters and the Oklahoma heat, she moved to Kyoto where she could eat, travel, and write to her heart’s content (of which she wrote about – mostly in that order). Since then, she’s called Washington State her home and is now currently based in Berlin. She is a regular contributor on the blog and also cohosts the hibooks podcast with Steve. She’s always up for recommendations for a comic story, as one of her favorite things to do is listen to funny audiobook memoirs while she bakes tiny cupcakes.

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