hibooks Now Integrates with Crezco for Easy Invoicing

We’re thrilled to announce that hibooks now integrates with Crezco, a complete account-to-account payment solution that simplifies invoicing. This exciting new partnership offers many benefits for you as a hibooks user as well as your customers. 

Invoicing with Crezco

Crezco lets you instantly receive payments into your business bank account and reconciles invoices automatically through the hibooks software. Account-to-account payments are a quicker, cheaper and more convenient way to receive payments, helping to improve your receivables process, profit margins and the end-user experience.

Crezco doesn’t charge any hidden fees and can process account-to-account payments of up to £1 million for free in real-time.

Crezco connects with over 600 banks to support FasterPayments, SEPA and SEPA Instant bank transfers. It’s fully licenced and regulated by the AISP, PISP, FCA, EU SafeConnect and PSD2.

How it works

When you create invoices through hibooks, Crezco adds a ‘Pay Online’ button to them – effectively a payment link that allows customers to pay instantly via their invoice in just a few clicks. Once payment is made, Crezco automatically reconciles your invoices within hibooks.

Benefits of the hibooks/Crezco integration

There are three main benefits for you when using hibooks with Crezco. You’ll:

  • Save money with fee-free payment processing – account-to-account payments aren’t subject to chargebacks or card fees.  
  • Get paid faster – helping to improve business cashflow.
  • Save time – with seamless, automatic invoice reconciliation.

And your customers will also benefit from:

  • A convenient, frictionless experience – payment can be made instantly in just a few clicks.
  • Fraud protection – there’s no need for customers to enter any personal or card details, making the payment process safe and secure.

Next steps

To take advantage of this new hibooks integration, you’ll need to create an account with Crezco and follow the prompts on-screen to connect to hibooks. The process takes just a few minutes. 

Have questions not answered here? Get in touch, and we’ll happily help.

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