Say Goodbye to Paper Receipts and Manual Data Entry

Receipt management can be extremely time-consuming – especially if you do it the old-school way and keep paper receipts in folders and manually log them into your accounting software or a spreadsheet.

Even if you use an app to capture receipts and upload them to cloud storage, if you have to manually enter the details into your books, this takes time. A better approach is to use accounting software with built-in receipt scanning and processing.

Just snap and go with hibooks

hibooks is an intelligent accounting solution with a smart and speedy receipt capture feature. Simply take a photo of your receipt, upload it to hibooks and relax as the system automatically categorises and posts the expense to the correct accounts. There’s no need to enter any data manually, saving you heaps of time and hassle.

The software enables you to generate and view expense reports in seconds, giving you an accurate picture of your outgoings in real time.

Upload receipts in bulk

Have lots of receipts to scan and upload? Use hibooks to capture and upload multiple documents in bulk where you can categorise, edit and approve the details in just a few clicks.

Create rules for automated receipt processing

Setting up automation is easy. You can create detailed rules for any receipt to speed up processing times. For example, receipts can be categorised by reference number, amount and contact person. Then, you can set up a rule that makes hibooks treat the receipt as either a bill or expense and assign it to a particular contact or staff member and cost category.

Managing expenses is simple with hibooks

hibooks offers much more than automated receipt scanning and processing. Its cloud-based expense feature also autocompletes mileage forms, tracks staff expenses and calculates VAT.

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